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  • ‘Be Brave, Be Bold: Management approaches to suit today’s fluid and tumultuous times’

    Caroline Bysh speaks at the British Council Services for International Education Marketing (SIEM) Conference, Belfast, 7-9 December 2016.

    Caroline joined Andrew Disbury, Vice-Principal and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement), and Jazreel Goh, Director of Education, British Council China, in a very well-attended session looking at how to lead and manage Universities in a ‘post-truth era’. Caroline talked in particular about building a powerful evidence base for taking strategic decisions, and how to interpret market trends and translate them into insight that is useful for your institution. 

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  • Global Alumni:  The Authentic Voice

    This year's ICEF event in Miami was as busy as usual.  But the seminar I offered wasn't one of the usual topics.  This year we decided to look at the important role that alumni can play in the international student recruitment and marketing strategy, and the ways alumni engagement can work in all sectors -- schools. language schools, colleges and Universities worldwide.  We talked about how best to engage and involve alumni, and how their support can be engaged to magnify the impact of student recruitment efforts.  "The authentic voice" refers to the specific kind of contribution that alumni can make in our messaging.  The presentation slides are attached:  do send me comments or questions on this interesting aspect of international student recruitment.  

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  • Risk in international enrollment

    We've been asked to share an article Pamela wrote last year in the NAFSA International Educator magazine on strategic risk.  

    As the concept of strategic risk moves up the agenda with recent world events causing the potential for sovereign dislocations and disruption in international higher education, the need for a closer examination of how to manage and monitor risks increases in importance.  International educators have been relying on our advice and expertise on how to build resilience and maintain market presence in difficult times.  Contact pamela@bartoncarlyle.com for more information for our work in this area, and take a look at the chapters on risk in "Beyond the Horizon:  Trends shaping the near future of International Education" which we produced in collaboration with ICEF, at http://www.icef.com/beyondthehorizon

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  • Gamification of Education

    Interesting infographic from Newton on gamification!

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  • Effective Recruitment Communications

    Top Ten Tips series number six sees us tackle a timely issue as many international student recruiters travel widely to fairs, meetings and events to talk with prospective international students at this time of year.  Here, we focus on a few reminders for effective recruitment communications.  As much as communication can be streamlined and automated with a good CRM system, it's still helpful to review the basics to ensure that your communication program meets students' needs. An effective communication program answers students' questions, promotes your institution accurately and in line with overall mission and positioning, and helps prepare students for their experience at your institution.   Here are a few tips to think about:

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  • Intelligent Market Intelligence

    Pamela gave a presentation on market intelligence to a great crowd at ICEF in Liverpool.  Here's a copy:  comments welcome!

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  • We are believers in the power of international education

    Our video was made for the conferences we attend worldwide, to show colleagues in the international education field what we believe in.  Hope you like it.

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  • Strategic Risk

    In the fifth of our Top Ten Tips series, we focus on how to manage and mitigate risk in your international enrollment management strategy.  As competition increases in many markets worldwide, it becomes increasingly complicated to track how successful your international strategy is at balancing the risks of operating internationally.  Risk mitigation planning can be a helpful tool in managing the risks inherent in global marketing and recruitment.  We are often asked what to look for when developing a risk perspective.  Try these approaches as a start.

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  • Market Research

    In the fourth of our Top Ten Tips series, we are discussing how best to undertake market research projects for great internationalisation. Effective international market development requires relevant market data and secondary research, and often dedicated primary market research. This month's practical tips will help guide your decision-making when engaging a market research project.

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  • Using Data Wisely

    Colleagues at the University of Minnesota have used their experience with data from the International Student Barometer (ISB) to bring together research and information to make an impact on international student satisfaction.  Their chapter in this new publication talks about the initiatives they have undertaken at their institution.  Barton Carlyle is proud to represent the ISB in North America, where we have helped institutions understand the decision-making, perceptions and satisfaction of international students over five years.  We’re now inviting institutions to join the 2016 ISB.  

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We Like Barton Carlyle
  • “Pamela has a wealth of understanding regarding the recruitment of international students. Institutions interested in broadening their international reach will not find a better guide.” Bill Fish, WIEC

  • “Most of what I know about international student recruitment I learned from Chris Price... I can warmly recommend him.” Joachim Ekström, Uppsala University

  • “I am always impressed by Caroline's enthusiasm, passion, drive, positivity, integrity and sense of fun. I would work with her in an instant.” Andrew Disbury, Leeds Beckett University

  • “I unreservedly recommend Ms. Barrett and Barton Carlyle for their comprehensive analysis and insight. Their work has made a positive imprint on our campus.” William Elliott, Eastern Illinois University

  • “Pamela is at the forefront of international education research. She has outstanding networks and keeps up on the profession of international education.” Peter Briggs, Michigan State University

  • “When attending any conference, Jonathan's is a name I look out for as I know that the session will be worth attending. Jonathan is 110% professional – what he promises, he delivers.” Elisabeth Marksteiner, International School of Zug and Luzern Riverside Campus

  • “Chris provided an excellent training session via the British Council on e-marketing which accurately forecasted future trends and gave practical tips for immediate implementation. He has a wealth of experience in international marketing of HEI's.” Katrina Edmunds, University of Edinburgh

  • “The report from Barton Carlyle was balanced, highly perceptive, and evidence based. The work really did help to shape my thinking and our new School Plan and has already led, I believe, to some much needed clarity for the School.” Prof Carl Stychin, Dean The City Law School, City University London