ICEF Toronto: Don’t miss out!

We’ll have a booth at the event where colleagues can meet with us directly and discuss how they can access the ICEF consulting services which are offered by Barton Carlyle.

Pamela and Martha-Marie will also be offering a seminar as part of the program on Thursday May 12th.  Entitled “Push and pull:  How to drive better student recruitment”, our seminar will focus on the challenges of operating in the current market environment. We’ll ask how can you get it right in a complex, fast-moving environment with few resources and little time?  This seminar will focus on those international student recruitment and marketing levers that work.  Based on close-up consulting experiences with many of the most active institutions and organizations in international education today, we will discuss the practices which can really drive strategic change and enhance international student recruitment. We’ll review the underlying themes and the principles behind great practice.  We’ll identify those areas that have made a difference and why, and the key learning points that can help participants achieve their goals.


Attendees at the event can use the Marcom eSchedule PRO to schedule meetings with us at booth number 19.


“Push and pull:  How to drive better student recruitment” wil be held from 4.45pm to 5.30pm in Seminar Room 1 (Room Harbour A), level 2, Westin Harbour Castle.



For further information on seminars and workshops taking place during the event, follow these links:

Seminar Programme:



General Workshop Programme:



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