Let’s get those ducks in a row in Philadelphia!

We have a great workshop this year for NAFSA in Philadelphia!  Pamela is proud to be presenting with David DiMaria from the University of Maryland Baltimore, Matt Beatty from Concordia College and George Kacenga from the University of Colorado Denver.  Sign up is from March 1st.  Look out for Workshop WS04:  Business Intelligence Across Challenging Recruitment Landscapes: Aligning Markets, Tactics, and Timing.  https://goo.gl/ngkEjb.

In this workshop you will:

  • Define business intelligence within the context of international student recruitment and understand how to incorporate its use in practice
  • Identify internal and external data sources for collecting business intelligence
  • Demonstrate understanding of innovative management strategies and operations that integrate relevant business intelligence with routine recruitment practices
  • Develop a plan to put into effect one or more strategies to improve marketing, recruitment and retention in your institutions and organizations
  • Have fun and gain insight from your colleagues in the field!


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