No Going Back – Part 2 has just been published by Barton Carlyle

An indispensable asset for international educators, “No Going Back:  Exploring New horizons in global education” Part Two has just been published by Barton Carlyle. It provides practical advice and solutions for international educators, focusing on how we can deliver success in the current challenging environment.

Get insightful perspectives from experienced practitioners and leaders in the field who explain how to navigate risks in the world of higher education, how to adapt to global pace, how Canada is addressing current challenges and how to sustain a long-term vision about student recruitment.

Contributors include:

  • Pamela Barrett
  • David Di Maria
  • Ailsa Lamont
  • Ann Mason
  • Graham Wise
  • Andrew Ness
  • Diane Simpson
  • George Kacenga
  • Matthew Beatty

Download your free copy here.

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