What We Do


The essence of our service is improving how international strategy is imagined and delivered. Mitigating and managing risk and achieving growth are increasingly critical in this dynamic marketplace.

Our consulting toolkit has been designed from our extensive experience and represents tried and tested approaches. Our solutions are not prescriptive and our approach is geared toward each client and their unique challenges. 

Here's a brief look at what we do.

  • Internationalization

    There is no more important issue for today’s educational institutions.  We help you think about the growth journey, decision drivers and the most effective ways to achieve positive recruitment and retention outcomes.  We provide national and global best practice.  We can evaluate  all aspects of the internationalization strategy to ensure success; or help in the crafting of new strategy to meet institutional needs and respond to the market. 

    Our work starts with a detailed review of comprehensive internationalization strategy and plans.  We look at the strategy's coherence with institutional vision.  We consider target-setting, engagement frameworks and risk management. 

    In one project we helped a university develop an international strategy from scratch:  we considered institutional vision and objectives, internal capabilities and faculty commitment.  We delivered a strategy framework and recommended a series of communication programs to help embed internationalization in faculty and institutional goals.  We have also worked on the strategic objectives for pathway provision for two universities, helping them come up with very different responses to similar market imperatives to help secure a pipeline of international student recruitment without compromising academic quality and brand excellence.

  • Alignment

    The speed of change necessary to compete and succeed in today’s
    world is frightening. Keeping all parts of the institution aligned and delivering effectively can be challenging. We can review what works, what doesn’t and what needs to change. Our goal is to help align and optimize all the functions that support international strategy: student recruitment, admissions, marketing, market research, student retention and mediator relationships (agents and international partnerships). 

    We offer a proprietary healthcheck and diagnostic process review that can be tailored to your needs.  It is not unusual for department plans and budgets to lag behind larger strategic changes, resulting in an uneven internationalization process across the institution. 

    We review essential areas of internationalization, locating opportunities for improvement.  We've looked at international student communications for one large university:  we recommended how to provide a more proactive communication program geared toward securing good students earlier, and retaining them through to enrollment.  We have reviewed admissions processes for two universities to enable them to be more responsive to students, agents and sponsors.  We have helped a university reshape its Study Abroad program, and we have helped an institution gain the most advantage in shaping its international student intake through leveraging scholarship programs.

  • Market Dynamics

    Markets are in constant flux and conditions can change abruptly. It's important to know the dynamics of the market: where potential risks lie and where making mistakes can be expensive. We deliver research which uncovers market size, shape, drivers, competition, accessibility, cost and trends. 

    Achieving growth is about succeeding in a competitive market environment.  For new market entry we offer market feasibility reviews and undertake prospective partner due diligence.  We offer a range of market research and market intelligence services. 

    For example, we have developed interactive asset libraries of market information.  For one client, we provided training and support in market intelligence for international staff to ensure that the valuable work carried on when the project came to an end.

  • Risk

    Managing the strategic risk of operating internationally is essential in today's volatile environment. We help you shape your institution's response to change over time as well as mitigating the negative impact of  sudden and unexpected events.

    Our work helps institutions to understand their appetite for risk in internationalization, and to map and measure the risks to achieving success in their internationalization strategy. We find ways to manage risk and to put in place mitigation activities to help lessen risk.  We use a variety of different techniques including risk mapping and scenario planning to arrive at an effective international risk management strategy.

  • Reputation

    How you are seen in your target markets and by your stakeholder groups is central to the success of any strategy. We review communications, student experience factors, applicant decision making, agent research, competitive brand mapping and more. 

    Our projects deliver insight into student perceptions through applicant decision making, and into the overall student experience, looking at issues such as retention and satisfaction drivers.  Our focus is on working with survey and other data is to ensure that the information is meaningful and actionable, so that change can be effective, and so that the student experience is improved.

    We have developed communications programs for institutions to increase yield in the application process, and to enhance their relationships with agents and other international partners.  

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